Azura Labs specializes in media, political, and economic development.

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Media, Communication and information

Whether it's changing attitudes about gender, encouraging healthy behaviors and practices, or entertaining audiences as a form of stress relief, local media and information campaigns can be transformational for societies. It's important not just as an ethical imperative, but also in terms of sustainability that any media solution be rooted in local culture, values and capacities. Azura Labs works with you to understand local perspectives and realities for social change.

Economic development | Poverty Alleviation

Poverty alleviation is at the heart of economic development in most developing countries, but also in vulnerable communities in industrialized countries. As an inherently multidimensional challenge, there are a number of existing approaches to poverty reduction including microloans and cash transfers. With the knowledge and expertise of our team, Azura Labs can work with your organization and local communities to design for, measure, and communicate economic impact. 

Governance | Civil Society

Without good governance and the partnership with diverse elements of civil society, social progress is simply unattainable. A state's institutions must embody the rule of law from the policy level all the way to implementation. Civil society, representing the diverse interests of the local community, is the sort of flip side of the governance equation, which can work to hold those in power to account. Azura Labs can help monitor and evaluate the impact of projects strengthening state institutions and civil society groups. 

Capacity Development | Capacity Building

For the outcome of any social and behavior change intervention to survive and thrive, a focus on developing individual's and communities' existing capacities is a critical conceptual approach, which is frequently included in most intervention programs. However, capacity building interventions require not only knowledge in the precise focus area (e.g. agriculture, journalism, etc.), but a deep understanding of how training and education programs actually work. The Azura Labs team has this experience with a track record of developing bespoke tools to measure impact.